Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Item Restocked !!

Item restocked :

  • Home and Car charger
  • Anti - Spy screen protector
  • USB cable


Friday, October 1, 2010

We bring SNAP N POP back, yeah ! Free 9700 up for grabs!

If Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back,well we can't..but we bring Snap N Pop back ! But being sexy won't get you a free phone (well if you know how to do *wink*), Snap N Pop will !

That's right dudes and dudettes we will give a Free BlackBerry phone and this time around, it ain't gonna be no 8520. But we gonna give a free BLACKBERRY BOLD 9700 !! All you have to do is :

1. Take a picture and pose in it either alone or with friends (the more, the merrier!) within the shop itself. Inside , outside , anywhere ! As long as it shows the shop, it's all good. Using camera phone , Micro-Four Thirds , DSLR any camera will do.

2. Post it on our facebook or twitter page.

3. Pray hard.

Last entry for the contest is on the last day of October 2010.

And we won't judge you based on creativity or whatever.Just post a pic and pray that we select you as the winner ! (Extra marks will be given for taking pictures with our crew !)

30 OF THE BEST,MOST CREATIVE, FUNNY OR ANYTHING THAT TICKLE OUR FANCY will be chosen and from that 30,one lucky winner will be chosen at random so you guys can't say that "His picture is ugly,mine is like studio picture summore" but no worries extra marks will be given for taking pictures with our crew and if the pic is drop dead gorgeous, extra points will be given..That's all

One entry per person !

Good luck to all and may the berries be with you !


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