Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner !!

Ms Jaslina with her brand new phone !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

we have a winner !!

Yes sir this is the winner of the May Snap N Pop 2010 Bold 9700 giveaway! Congratulations Mr Chong Ziyan. Enjoy your brand new phone !! Don't forget to participate in our June Like it & Win It giveaway !!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Like it and win it !! CURVE 8520 Gemini up for grabs !

Ok I'm pretty sure that most of us feels that maybe taking a picture is a bit tiresome but a free phone would be nice right? So at popmyberry we feel that we wanna give free phones to our supporter but we want more interactions and easier than the Snap n Pop giveaway..

So why not check out our facebook fan page , like the photo that we provided and also on twitter..Retweet the photo with the phrase "I  @popmyberry" plus the link of the photo and then we'll do a lucky draw. At the end of the month, 2 (tw0) lucky winners will received a brand new BlackBerry 8520 Curve Gemini. So maybe the price is lower in value compared to last month, but then again why won't you guys submit an entry right ? And we're giving out two sets so ok la kan? ;)

A video of the draw will be posted on youtube so that no disputes over the winners and once announced, you have 3 days to collect the phone or it will be rolled on for next month!

So guys and girls, ladies and gentleman..just like it and win it !!

UPDATES : since we received a lot of enteries and it might take a while for us to wait until the end of the month right ? So why not we do a lucky draw for the 1st phone on the 15th of June and another one on the last day of the month..if you're not the winner on the 1st can try again for the 2nd one..more chances of winning right ? :)